Saturday, 15 June 2013

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Keep it stylish this monsoon

Keep it stylish this monsoon
Keep it stylish this monsoon
The monsoons are well and truly upon us, which means it's time to spruce up your wardrobe. 

But we're not talking about going through a complete wardrobe overhaul. In fact, you can be monsoon-ready in a stylish way just by making some small changes to your wardrobe.
The monsoon doesn't mean that you have to wear only brown, grey and black. You can still wear colourful summer outfits with a transparent raincoat, which will keep you dry and let you show off your colourful outfits.
Shoes are very important during the rains. Avoid wearing anything made out of leather as they tend to get spoilt. When damp, such shoes also get white spots. Sandals are the best for the rains, but make sure you invest in some rubber flip-flops that are colourful and fashionable.
Pick up fashionable umbrellas that are either transparent or available in neon colours.
Wear darker shades when it comes to bottoms, because light-coloured bottoms will get wet and dirty. Also, try to keep the fabric as light as possible so that it can dry quickly. Avoid wearing denims or something that might bleed colour.
Carry totes that are printed and colourful. Avoid leather bags.
Always carry a spare set of clothes in your bag, preferably something light and that you can change into easily in case you get wet in the rain