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bridal dress .....

Presenting the season’s bridal dress trends

Presenting the season’s bridal dress trends

  • From wedding dress minis to wearing two-piece sets, here are the top five bridal dress trends on the year-end style list

    It's the age of innovation, alright! And it's happening with weddings, too. After personalised invites and gift registries, bridal dresses are also seeing the flux. More brides today are breaking free from tradition and sporting new and offbeat styles. Here's taking a look at a few of them...

    Mini and tea-length
    Who says you can't go short if it's not summer? The year-end bridal trends are spreading sexy vibes with minis, tea-length (mid-calf) and long-short hemlines. They're also ideal to grab attention towards your pretty bridal shoes. Moreover, they're apt if you want to heat up the dance floor on your big day.

    Colour it up
    Yes, coloured gowns are 'in' too. If pink makes you a blushing bride, try peach, mauve and nudes. The dip-dyed trend, at the rim of the dress, is another option for all those who can't give in to colour completely.

    One shoulder
    The asymmetrical trend is an apt way to show off your toned shoulders. You can personalise the strap — try a ruched one to match the bodice, heavy floral embroidery, glam it up with beads, let the strap crisscross over the bodice and shoulder, or try a satin ribbon one. This is as alluring as it is creative.

    Two-pieceThe crop top trend has been ruling the ramp this year. And now, the exposed midriff has made its way onto bridal dressing, too. The two-piece look, which lends a cool quotient to the whole look, is a modern spin on the dress. If you want to stay warm, go with a chic white faux bolero.                                                                                                                                                           Illusion neckline                                                                                                              Nothing reflects sensuality better than a barely there neckline. The look is flirty, frothy and fairy-like. And gowns with embroidery, delicate crystals, rhinestones, pearls and more on the neckline, were seen in most of the Fall 2014                                                                                                          Other style additions                                                                                                            Lace sleeves: Lace sleeves went glam, thanks to royal bride Kate. They lend a touch of old-world charm.Wearing a cape: Works perfectly to help you survive the winter chill.                    Crisscross back: A spillover from the open-back fashion trend of Fall 2013, this one is bold and definitely sexy. You can do the 'X' in lace or crystals.                                                                              Transformer: This is a long train or sheer skirt that can be detached to show a short dress underneath.collection. 

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    Beauty tips

    Beauty benefits of curd

    Known to cure any kind of skin or hair-related problems, curd has a number of beauty benefits.
    The wonders of curd are not just restricted to soothing your system and help digest food. Curd also works are a marvelous beauty recipe and is used by many women to treat various skin and hair problems at home.

    So, before you decide to go in for all those expensive beauty treatments, here's why you must pick up the bowl of curd lying in your refrigerator.

    Treat hair frizz: Those who have curly hair end up with a frizzy hair texture. To make it more manageable, consider using curd on your hair at least twice during the week, depending on how frizzy your hair gets. You can apply the curd on its own or also mix lemon juice along with it that will make your locks soft and silky.

    Cures rough hair: All those expensive hair treatments during the dry winter months can make your mane look unruly. To make sure that your hair stays smooth and soft, use a curd pack once in every week to solve this problem.

    Treat dandruff with curd and lemon: An excellent cure for dandruff, a curd and lemon pack applied once or twice every week will take care of your dandruff concerns.

    Curd and besan for smooth, acne free skin: Curd and besan also helps reduce the occurrence of acne. In addition to this, it also helps keep your complexion clean and smooth.

    Reduces tanning: A plain curd pack also treats tanning. Whether the tanning is mild or severe, you can apply a base of plain curd on your face and neck every day to keep your skin clear.

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    How to to get rid of a suntan at home.....

    How to to get rid of a suntan at home
    How to to get rid of a suntan at home
    Instead of buying expensive cosmetic products, why not try these natural treatments at home to get rid of suntan?
    A mixture of lemon juice, rose water and cucumber juice works wonders on your face. Lemon juice helps remove the tan and cucumber and rose water are natural cooling agents.
    Apply a paste of raw milk, turmeric and some lemon juice on your face as well as the affected areas and let it dry. Wash it off with water.
    Prepare a mixture of oats and buttermilk and use it to exfoliate the skin.

    Mix gram flour and lime juice with some curd, and apply it on the affected area on a regular basis to get best results against tanning.
    Apply some fresh lemon juice on the elbows, knees or patchy areas, and keep it on for at least 15 minutes to work on the tan.
    Regular use of fresh coconut water on the hands and face can be very effective in getting rid of a tan. It will also make the skin healthy, supple and soft.
    Apply a paste of turmeric powder and lime juice thrice a week. This will lighten the skin colour considerably and remove the tan.
    Soak almonds overnight and grind them into a fine paste the next morning. Add equal quantity of milk cream to make a paste and apply on the affected area.
    Apply a paste of oatmeal, yogurt, a few drops of lime and tomato juice. Wash it off with cold water after half an hour to get glowing skin.
    Mash papaya to a pulp and massage the sun-tanned area with it. Papaya is excellent for the skin and also has anti-aging properties.
    Applying multani mitti on the face helps reduce tanning considerably.

    A yellow dress for all occasions in summer.....
    A yellow dress for all occasions in summer!
    Yellow is the colour for summers and one must stock up on it to step out in style

    Be it any season, it is important to make your own style statement every time you step out. In summers especially, it is important to be stylish yet comfortable and fresh because of the heat. Stepping out in a bright sunshine yellow outfit gives the one wearing it and others a fresh feel of summers. Be it for a casual outing, for a wedding, for a professional meeting or for a date - a yellow dress works perfectly for all occasions. Here are some tips for the same.

    A short dress for a casual outing: A short dress in solar shades which ends just above the knees is perfect for a casual outing with friends in summers. Be it tight fit, flowy or a simple, plain bright yellow dress, everything works perfectly.

    An evening dress for a dinner party or a date: Look your best at a dinner party or on a date with a low cut, long-length yellow dress, or a maxi dress, or a full-sleeved tight-fitting dress with neat cuts.

    At a wedding: Opt for a bright yellow kurti with mirror embellishments or a full anarkali in yellow with beautiful embroidery at a wedding. If wearing traditional is not the priority, then go for a yellow maxi dress and add a touch of style to it either with frills or gem embellishments.

    For a professional meeting: Opt for A-line dresses or skirts which end just below the knee. Keep it simple, do not wear prints or add textures or layers. And accessorize minimally.

    How to get rid of sweaty feet...
    How to get rid of sweaty feet
    How to get rid of sweaty feet
    Come summer, and sweaty feet become a common problem with many of us. Follow these simple tips to keep stinky feet at bay.

    - While washing your feet, use an antibacterial soap. Dry the feet completely, making sure you dry the area between the toes. Fungi and bacteria can develop between the toes if the area is not dried completely.

    Put antiperspirant on your feet before you put on your socks. Antiperspirants are quite effective in reducing foot perspiration.

    - Dust your feet with foot powder. Follow the antiperspirant with foot powder, which absorbs excessive sweat and reduces odour.

     Wear cotton socks. Natural fibres allow more air to reach your feet.

    - Change your socks often. When your socks feel damp with sweat, wash your feet and put on a fresh pair of socks. Keep baby wipes with you, and use them to clean your feet at work or while you are in public places and can't wash your feet.

    - Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to four cups of water and soak your feet in the solution for 15 minutes to reduce perspiration. Not only does the vinegar act as an astringent, it exfoliates a thin top layer of the skin of your feet. You'll experience dryness for hours after this soak. Plus, the acid in the vinegar neutralizes odour-causing bacteria deep in your feet.

    - Go barefoot as often as possible to allow your feet to breathe, and wear sandals and open-toed shoes. Exposing your feet will help reduce sweating to a great extent.

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    New fashion

    Men's fashion trend to look out for in 2014

    Men's fashion trend to look out for in 2014
    Men's fashion trend to look out for in 2014 (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)This year looks like a good year for men's fashion. Here are few trends to look out for.

    This year seems like a good year for men who are into fashion as 2014 is all set to bring refreshing and attractive fashion trends for men. Here's a look at the trends you should look out for.

    Floral prints: If you thought florals were only for women, then look into the future and floral prints are soon going to catch up with men's fashion as well. Be it shirts, pants, jackets or even sunglasses, florals is going to make the cut into everything.

    Double breasted blazers: For those who like it formal, double breasted blazers are the next best thing. This trend is already catching up with celebrities and is soon going to pick up with the rest as well. Coming in various colours and textures, double breasted blazers can be paired with casuals as well as formals.

    Polka Dots: These crazy dots have never really been out of vogue, but they are still making a comeback even stronger. Available in trousers, jackets, shirts, skirts and ladies tops, polka dots is the next big thing.

    Bright trainer shoes: A splash of colours will brighten your feet this year. Bright trainer shoes in different neon colours like bright red, green, orange and yellow with edgy designs in floral prints are making their way in a big way.

    Men's jewelled accessories: If you thought men's accessories were a passe then its time to rethink. This year men's jewelry is going to be big. In beads, leather bracelets and blingy wrist bands will make it through to haute couture.

    Beauty tips.......

    Natural ways to look beautiful

    Natural ways to look beautiful
    Natural ways to look beautiful

    Spices can be used as natural toner, cleanser and moisturizer.

    Looking good doesn't need hard work or money. You can use home made hair and face packs too.

    Turmeric: Curd and turmeric mix is perfect to cure sun tan. Use it everyday. Also add a dash of malai to the mix. You can also add besan, curd, turmeric and raw chawal to make a mix and prevent aging/wrinkles. Or add neem to haldi and apply it on sun tanned portion.

    Neem: Boil neem leaf in water, sieve it and then use it with your bath water. Neem leaves reduce dark spots on your face.

    Pudina: Crushed pudina is extremely beneficial for tans. Pudina leaves, rose petals and water can be boiled in a mix. Once cool add some drops of lemon juice and keep the mix in your freezer. Use it after bath everyday. If you add pudina leaves to coconut oil or almond oil and massage it on your hair then you get silky tresses.

    Coriander: If your lips are black (due to over use of lip stick), then add coriander juice with malai on your lips before going to bed.

    Honey: Half tea spoon honey, two tea spoon rose water and malai are the right face pack if you want natural moisturing. If you want to remove blackheads, you can add egg white, oat meal and honey face pack for 20 minutes. For a soft skin, use honey, curd, lemon juice and oat meal mix on your face.

    Methi: Methi, amla, shikakai and curd are the right mix to prevent hair fall. Apply it on your scalp before you shampoo.

    Garlic: If you have acne, crush garlic and apply it on the affected spot for 15 minutes. If you have pimples, add garlic cloves on the affected area and keep for 1 hour.

    Sesame: Soak a handful of sesame in half cup water for 2 hours, stain it and store it in a bottle. Wash your face with this mix. All spots will disappear.

    Potato: Crush potato and mix with olive oil and apply this to your face. Once it's half dried, wipe it with wet hands. Use it everyday to prevent black spots and give you radiant skin.

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    how to create nail arts...

    awesome nail art....

    spcially for men.....

    Create your own fragrance wardrobe

    Create your own fragrance wardrobe

    Just like a style closet, build your very owncologne wardrobe for every occasion and season.

    Do you use the same cologne to work, as well as for a hot date? Certain fragrances work well at night, while others work better in the day. Just like you keep changing your dressing style, fragrance is also contextual. Here's a guide to picking the right one, for the right time.

    DATE NIGHT Opt for a stronger, more impactful scent if you're dressing for a romantic dinner. For example, perfumes with notes like vanilla and musk are sensual and if you want the smell to last longer, wear one which contains notes like vetiver, amber and agarwood.

    It's important to wear the right kind of perfume to work, if you want to present yourself in a professional manner. Don't go for an overpowering smell; opt for light, clean-smelling citrus scents. There are barely-there fragrances and herbaceous colognes available in the market, that will leave you smelling great.
    SEASONAL SCENTS For summer: Hot weather limits the longevity of a scent on the skin but at the same time, intensifies it. Stay away from heavy, musky scents. Go for something lighter. Fresh marine (oceanic), green (tea leaves or the essence of freshly-cut grass), herbal and citrus accords work well as they represent freshness and coolness. For winter: Certain notes create a sense of warmth and comfort. These are ambers, woods, vanilla, praline, caramel and chocolate. You can also experiment with exotic spices and bold scents. 

    GYM AND SPORTS Enhance your workout by wearing an invigorating scent. If you are indulging in a physical activity, that will work up a sweat, go for a fragrance that is vibrant and has a sporty vibe. There are many brands that add peppery and citrus notes to their existing formula to make them athletic. Wear it right Don't drench yourself in cologne. Always apply it on your pulse points — the wrists, behind the ears and base of the throat — as these points generate heat, which will accentuate the scent. Don't spray it on your clothes; the fragrance won't last long

    How to remove tan from feet

    How to remove tan from feet


    How to remove tan from feet

    Most beauty regimes begin with the face and end with the hair, but it's equally important to pay attention to your feet. 

    Though a moisturizing routine helps, it's not enough when the sun starts getting harsher. Get happy feet with these natural home remedies to remove that tan from your feet.

    CurdCurd is not only good for your health, but applying it on your feet — or for that matter anywhere on your body — helps remove a tan. Take some curd and apply it on your feet every alternate day. Leave it for about 20 minutes to half an hour and wash off. You will see a visible difference from the first application itself. Regular application of curd will also soften your cracked heels.

    Lemon and sugar
    Lemon is a great way to remove a tan as the acidic elements in lemon reduce melanin. Mixing it with sugar makes it a great exfoliating scrub that helps remove dead skin. This also gives glowing skin.

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    Simple five step face-make up........

    Simple five step face-make up
    Simple do it yourself steps that perfect and enhance any skin tone, any age, any ethnicity, any woman

    Wearing makeup well is an art and though it is not really rocket science, going wrong with makeup can drastically change how you look. Here are Estee Lauder's five step face that is directly inspired by Creative Makeup Director, Estee Lauder Tom Peacheux's process. They are simple do it yourself steps that perfect and enhance any skin tone, any age, any ethnicity, any woman. Given below are the steps for the basic face makeup and the secrets behind why makeup artistes love them...

    1. Skin care to prepare: Start with a repair serum, Advanced Night Repair is the one revolutionary formula beautiful skin shouldn't live without. Massage both the repair serum and moisturiser into your skin. Use gentle sweeping strokes. This makes your skin instantly hydrated, protected and looks healthy.

    2. Foundation to perfect: Next is the foundation. Place a small amount of the foundation on the back of your hand. Pick up a small amount with your foundation brush and apply it to your skin. Start at the centre of your face, that's the area where most women have unevenness or redness. Then apply to other areas, a little at a time. The result is beautiful, even glowing skin.

    3. Conceal and correct: First apply the Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum, it visibly reduces every key sign of aging and artistes love the smooth texture. Conceal over your eye cream, only put the concealer where you need it. A brush helps to melt the concealer into the skin, use the brush to blend out the edges until you can't see where the foundation and the concealer meet.

    4. Apply powder: Then it's time to quickly set the make up in place and erase any unwanted shine. Keep it light, hold the brush over the skin to keep the amount of powder to a minimum. Do not apply the powder on the whole face, just the forehead, the nose and the chin, use the remaining powder over your eye lids, this smoothes the way for the eyeshadow later.

    5. Softy define features: Now that the face is perfected, it's time to add some soft definitions so your features pop. Most artistes start with a Lash Primer and then add just a touch of mascara so they can see a better shape of the eye. A dramatic lash is not required, so just one stroke will be enough. Brushing up the brows is one of the artiste's easiest ways to make the face look groomed without making the brows look overdone. Just adding a little blush gives the face the healthy glow. The key is not to add a lot of color. And finally a little lip gloss helps define the lips without looking overly made up.

    And now you are done! You see even, healthy skin and beautifully defined features. It's a comfortable, wearable, subtle look. If you want more color, the this basic face is also the basis for any makeup look you want to try. Tom Pechuex signs off, "Make yourself look beautiful and feel beautiful."