Thursday, 10 April 2014

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Men's fashion trend to look out for in 2014

Men's fashion trend to look out for in 2014
Men's fashion trend to look out for in 2014 (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)This year looks like a good year for men's fashion. Here are few trends to look out for.

This year seems like a good year for men who are into fashion as 2014 is all set to bring refreshing and attractive fashion trends for men. Here's a look at the trends you should look out for.

Floral prints: If you thought florals were only for women, then look into the future and floral prints are soon going to catch up with men's fashion as well. Be it shirts, pants, jackets or even sunglasses, florals is going to make the cut into everything.

Double breasted blazers: For those who like it formal, double breasted blazers are the next best thing. This trend is already catching up with celebrities and is soon going to pick up with the rest as well. Coming in various colours and textures, double breasted blazers can be paired with casuals as well as formals.

Polka Dots: These crazy dots have never really been out of vogue, but they are still making a comeback even stronger. Available in trousers, jackets, shirts, skirts and ladies tops, polka dots is the next big thing.

Bright trainer shoes: A splash of colours will brighten your feet this year. Bright trainer shoes in different neon colours like bright red, green, orange and yellow with edgy designs in floral prints are making their way in a big way.

Men's jewelled accessories: If you thought men's accessories were a passe then its time to rethink. This year men's jewelry is going to be big. In beads, leather bracelets and blingy wrist bands will make it through to haute couture.