Thursday, 4 July 2013

Style tips for monsoon.....

Style tips for monsoon

Style tips for monsoon
Style tips for monsoon

Monsoon is here and it's time to update your style mantras. Here are a few tips to help you sizzle despite the rains

Go bright to beat the monsoon blues
Bright colours like hot pink, turquoise, orange and yellow best suit this weather as it helps to brighten up the grey atmosphere.Despite transparent rain coats being an all-time favourite with most people, neon and sequin raincoats have also become popular especially pairing them up with bright pop colours it can be great for people that would like to experiment with their style this season.

The right fabrics
Poly fabrics are the best in Monsoon as they dry up swiftly, one should definitely avoid denims as they stay wet for a long time!

Bubble raincoats
One should definitely invest in a raincoat and wellies for the monsoon. Bubble raincoats have proved to be quite convenient as the water does not touch your feet but instead sweeps of the bubble skirt and hits the ground.

Layer trendily
Layering is clever this monsoon and this can be done with soft fabrics, a transparent raincoat on top of layers or even a transparent poncho.

Wonder accessories
A waterproof bag, plastic bangles are wonder accessories for the monsoon and a trendy printedumbrella would be a great help as well. A perfect monsoon ensemble would be a neon raincoat with a shift dress underneath, a transparent waterproof bag, and a pair of knee high wellis!

5 wardrobe essentials for the dreaded monsoons
- Raincoat
- Wellis
- Waterproof bag
- Hairband
- Umbrell