Saturday, 20 July 2013

How to get Straight-Wavy Look at Home

Most of the times we resort to straight or curly hair when we want to try something different. Today’s post is about shaking things up a little and trying out the half-half look because when it comes to personal style, I like my hair half straight and half wavy.

To make your hair a tad wavy, you do not need a curling iron.I’ll show you how — in an easy-to-follow, 5 steps tutorial, how to create this look at home.
Step 1: Work with little moist hair (not wet) and untangle  your hair with a comb.
Step 2: Divide your hair into different sections**
Step 3: Braid one section of your hair and secure it with an elastic band. Repeat it for the remaining sections.
Step 4: Let your hair dry completely and undo all the braids.
Step 5 (Optional) : Apply hair-spray if you want to keep the waves for long.
Braided Wavy Hair
# The sections should be equal.
#  For half straight and half wavy look, start your braids a few inches lower exactly where you need them.
# The longer you leave your hair, the more prominent the waves are.
#  The more braids/the tighter they are, the wavier your hair gets.
#  If you can sleep with the braids then leave them overnight for better results.