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Treat yellow teeth with these easy home remedies

Treat yellow teeth with these easy home remedies

Treat yellow teeth with these easy home remedies

Over time, teeth tend to get yellow. There could be various reasons for this -genes, unhealthy dental hygiene or eating habits or ageing.

Certain medications and dental problems could also be attributed for teeth discolouration. While a trip to the dentist twice a year is recommended, there are also some home remedies that help...

Do the soda
                                                                                     An effective whitening agent is baking soda. Not only will it lighten the colour of your teeth but also remove accumulated plaque. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with some toothpaste and brush your teeth with it twice a week. Alternatively , you can also mix a few drops of water with half a teaspoon of bak ing soda and brush your teeth with your fingertips.

Lime n lemoney

Lemons contain bleaching agents, which work well against yellow teeth.You could either use lemon peel extracts to rub on your teeth or simply rinse your mouth with lemon juice mixed with some water.

Apple a day

Some experts also recommend apples to whiten teeth naturally . Chew an apple a day to let the acidic properties of apples work wonders on your teeth.
Berry good

While strawberries aren't in season currently , when they are, you can use them as an effective tooth whitening aid as well. Crush a handful of strawberries and make them into a smooth paste.Rub this paste on your teeth every alternate night.WHITE SALT Notice all those advertisements, which ask whether your toothpaste contains salt? There's a reason behind that. Salt helps clean teeth and also whitens them. Gently rub common salt on your teeth daily to reduce discolouration.

Tulsi talk

Tulsi leaves are also said to be effective against yellow teeth.Grind the leaves into a paste and use it to brush your teeth.

All for orange

Orange peels contain calcium and vitamin C, which fight bacteria in the mouth. They also remove discolouration in the teeth. Scrub your teeth with orange peel thrice a week.