Monday, 8 July 2013

only for men....

Accessories for men

Accessories for men
Accessories for men

Make your formal and casual outfits pop with this season's key pieces.

Accessories are underrated. If shoes make the man, accessories make (or break) the look. Whether you've hoisted your trousers up with a studded belt or chosen diamond cuff-links for a formal suit-and-tie party, accessories are the key to expressing your individuality.

They enhance the most basic outfits, so you can mix-and-match them to create new looks every time. This saves you a load of cash spent on overhauling your wardrobe every few months. If chosen and teamed carefully, they can connect individual elements into a seamless whole. This season's trendiest men's accessories are worth investing in. Here are a few to hunt down on your next shopping trip. 
The holdall 
Used to describe a large, strong and luxurious bag with handles, the holdall is currently the 'it' bag for men on ramps in Milan and New York. It is equally suitable for long flights and weekend trips since it sits comfortably into overhead compartments and car boots. Some of the current versions come with detachable shoulder straps and zip pockets on the inside. The holdall is apt for the busy modern man who likes to take off to the great outdoors at a moment's notice. 
The printed silk tie 
Give the pinstripe tie a well-deserved break. Infuse some colour into the dull conference room by wearing a printed silk tie. Playful floral and geometric patterns pair well with slim-fit suits. Choose a subdued colour to bring in a sense of maturity. Unless you have the charm to carry off print-on-print, don't wear a printed shirt with a printed tie. 
The gauzy scarf 
Give the standard kurta-pyjama a sophisticated flair with a lightweight scarf in a contrasting colour. You can brighten up the generic jeans-and-tee staple with a printed scarf. Or loop a striped scarf around your neck and tuck it inside your jacket for a sexy, masculine take on the trend. Drape it, sling it over your shoulder, or double wrap it; whichever way you wear the gauzy scarf, it works! 
The leather bracelet 
Male accessories for pure ornamental value are tricky. One accessory that gets high marks for masculinity this season is the leather bracelet. It is subtle, discreet, modern and versatile. The styles vary from woven and braided to double wrapped.