Saturday, 17 August 2013

Get a monsoon makeover, guys...........

Get a monsoon makeover, guys
Get a monsoon makeover, guys
Just because it is pouring outside and the day seems dreary and dull, you should not drown yourself in your dowdiest outfit. Here are tips that will help you look your best even in the rains.

To begin with, men should choose right fabrics. Designers recommend Blended Oxford fabrics and linens. For trousers, use cotton, because they dry faster, and go for polyester-blended shirts for the same reason. Pure heavy cottons are best avoided. Linens come to the rescue in the rainsbecause they are light, dry really fast and are available in the most interesting colours. Make sure your wardrobe has bright colours because they can really change how you look. Well-fitted shirts, fitted Bermudas make you look younger and are practical too. Cut-offs can be paired with T-shirts for a casual look, and with a shirt and a jacket for a formal look.

Ideally, shirts should be half-sleeved, unless you are going to a very formal occasion. One can wear linen knee-length shorts with a bright orange or green shirt tucked in.

For a statement look, you can wear two contrasting shirts, one over the other. Layers in your clothing not only add style but it works well during the rains. If the outer layer is wet, you can get rid of it and be as good as new.

-Layers can add style to your look — if the outer layer gets wet in the rains you can get rid of it and be as good as new

-Opting for three-fourth pants with a brightly coloured jacket works well — you look cool and make a statement. Choose footwear carefully during rains.

-Stay away from cream, beige and greys unless you are sure you can carry it off, because they might make you look dull