Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Heard of the eyebrow mascara?

 Why is it used? 
If you've been in love with supermodel Delevingne's thick eyebrows, the eyebrow mascara is your best bet. They not only control unruly eyebrows but also make them look attractive. 

Clear or tinted? 
Eyebrow mascaras are two types - clear and tinted. Clear ones are good for those who have naturally lush eyebrows while tinted ones work better for women who want to enhance their light brows. 

How to use it? 
First cleanse and tone your face and go onto applying your regular makeup like a foundation or a BB cream. Then use the wand to apply the mascara directly on to the brows combing in an upward motion. Fill the empty spaces but don't overdo as you don't want to make it look unnatural.