Saturday, 21 September 2013

Types of fashion careers

There are many jobs in the fashion industry which are available to people who are interested in them. Some of the jobs like sewing, require a lot of skills while others do not. Many people start their career as an intern in a store or a company or as a personal assistant for stylists, photographers and managers. After gaining some experience in that area,  they usually find their way in the industry and start looking for higher paid jobs and become somewhat independent.
Fashion designer
A cloth designer is the mastermind behind any fashion design. Traditionally, many of them use sketches to create a preliminary design which will be eventually converted into a real cloth.
Editorial works
Editors or editor assistants are the people who are involved in writing or revising manuscripts before they get published in fashion magazines, books or websites.
Fashion journalist
People who attend fashion shows (catwalks) and other events and report the fashion activities to journals, websites, and so on.
Hair stylist
A person who takes care of the model’s or customer’s hair and make them ready for the photo shooting or a catwalk.
Makeup artist
A person who does the makeup for the model or client.
Marketing staffs are the key people who are involved in convincing retailers to buy a product.
A person who wears garments for exhibitions and photography.
Personal stylist
A person who advises and/or assists an individual in selecting and buying clothes, doing makeup, etc. In other words, they help celebrities and other rich people to select and buy fashionable clothing and be stylish all the times.
Is a person who sewes garments using hand or sewing machines. Some of the skilled people earn a lot of money out of making clothes for high-end designers and fashion brands.
Tailors do minimal altering to the garment to make them fit to the buyer.
Visual designer
Visual designers are responsible for putting everything together as an exhibition. They try to make sure that every object is in harmony with the rest of the exhibition in the best way possible.