Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ways to make lip gloss last longer

Ways to make lip gloss last longer
Ways to make lip gloss last longer

Lip gloss looks beautiful but it has a short life as it wears off quite easily. Read on to know how to make it last longer

Lip gloss is every woman's basic necessity. It's shiny and glamorous and adds volume to any lip colour. But the only problem is that it doesn't last longer and smudges off quite easily. But that doesn't mean that you stop wearing it. Just keep in mind not to wear it on bare lips. We suggest you some tips to make your lip gloss last longer and look beautiful.

Use a lip liner
Before you apply any lip gloss, outline your lips with a lip liner of the same colour and fill in a bit. It will prepare a base for your lip gloss to adhere to. It not only makes the lip gloss last longer but also avoids any smudges. It also makes you lips look fuller.

Try out a lip stain
Applying lip stain beneath lip gloss is another smart trick as it is not sticky. When you apply a coat of lip gloss over lip stain, its dry formula will absorb the gloss. Another benefit is that it will moisturize your lips and give it a sheer, which you can flaunt.

Final step, lipstick
Sometimes even long-wear lipsticks fail to give long-lasting finish and effect. This is why, many use lipstick and lip gloss together as it makes a strong combination. Apply a layer of gloss over lipstick to make your lip colour last longer